Lokschuppen - Hompanns olive

Wedding Cake

It's such a lovely tradition - Cutting it together represents the first shared task as a married couple, slicing down to the bottom symbolizes the depth of love and feeding it to each other signifies the commitment to nurture and provide.

Find someone who makes you smile jus by being by your side


The Team

Konzept, Planung und Orga: Lilly von Herzhochzeiten

Location: Lokschuppen Hofmanns Olive

Fotografie: Silke & Ilka Roseundgold.de

Papeterie: Silke & Ilka Roseundgold Papeterie

Floristik & Dekoration: Lilly von Herzhochzeiten

Brautkleid: Audrey Wedding Salon

Brautschmuck: Marry Me Beautiful

Herrenmode: Du4

H&M: Vanessa Voth

Kuchen: Maggies Kuchen